Sky Force Lite

You are given the responsibility of fighting for your galaxy! Bring out the real fighter in you!It is time to save the planet from the alien intruders.

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Platform: Android™
Version: 1.0
Price: Free download!

They are approaching you, and there are hundreds of them. You cannot let them reach the surface, destroy them before they reach the bottom of the screen. Become the fierce fighter you always wanted to be, the time has come!

Move the fighter plane on the screen and destroy the enemy ships. Fire bullets at them and score, you will enter the next level after you have destroyed all the enemy ships on the screen.

Keep collecting power ups to move higher in the game and destroy more enemies in less time.

Beware of the dangerous powers, you may loose your life by collecting such powers.

This action game will pump up your adrenaline as you destroy the enemy ships and elude their bombarding. Collect the power ups and get advantage over the enemy planes.

Wear your armor and get started on this epic war in the sky!

Move the fighter plane and hit the enemy spaceships to win this action packed game.

Each level is different, and it keeps getting difficult.

Progress through the game while collecting power ups and escaping the bullets from the enemies.

Collecting power ups will help you to move forward in the game and also makes it easier to win the game.

Move your plane by swapping your finger left to right on the screen.

You can fire bullets by tapping your fighter plane.

There are five different levels in the game, that keep getting tougher.

Different power ups will help you to advance over the enemies and score higher.

In the 5th level, the enemy ships will move towards you after a time gap.

Don't let the enemy spaceships reach the bottom of the galaxy Screen. Try to clear all enemy spaceships in limited time.

This most addictive action game will make you forget the time. Don't forget they know how to fight, and they know how to kill!

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