Get the game everyone is talking about, once you try you can not stop playing. The Bobolinkies need to be with their kind, so you have to chain them. Enjoy the 2 modes of play and the new combo system.

On your mobile enter 12732 at
Platform: Java
Version: e600
Price: Free download!

They have arrived! The adorable BOBOLINKIES are here! These delightful multicoloured creatures play the lead role in this most addictive game of the decade.

Once you’ve tried it, you will not be able to put it down, so get the game everyone is talking about and link these BOBOLINKIES together according to their species.

These BOBOLINKIES will interact with your finger; they can get scared, they talk, sing, dance, non stop fun and laughter! Use the special items to achieve amazing combos and the accelerometer sensor to confuse them. Enjoy both the two game modes and the world ranking to show who is the best.

BOBOLINKIES, fun at your fingertips.

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