Intalk Chinese chat

Intalk Chinese is interests china chat friend When a friend at any time, you can send and receive picture and note

On your mobile enter 12767 at
Platform: Android™
Version: 1.40.23
Price: Free download!

Hobby, Location, Music, Movie, Sport, Chatting, China Drama, dialog

Almost Chinese 
Dialog same something in China and Chinese

Dialog with random talk, relationship new Chinese people
Asia, America, Korea, Europe, Middle east, Africa, World chat

Keep manner, Good greeting

When friends, like messenger, we can send a message to chat at any time .
- Without Membership a free service 
- Report the bad is not seen again in random chat 
- If friend bad behavior, even if a guy delete
- By sending you a bad person can stop the use 

Analyze trends, China interests and periodically updated

Chinese Hongkong Taiwan China friend
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