ChatGame is a free video call app that supports video/voice calls, voice/text messaging and photo sharing on all major smartphones.

On your mobile enter 12797 at
Platform: Android™
Version: 1.2.74
Price: Free download!

Hidden Fun

Pop the Bubbles during pending calls.

Switch to handset mode by simply putting the phone near your ear during the call.

Slide up to cancel the voice message being recorded.

A personal secretary who reminds you of missed calls and unread messages when you are away.

Slide down the contacts page to search for a contact quickly. Or move the water drop to find a contact fast.

Free to use

Free video/voice calls, voice/text messaging & cute emojis.

Make video/voice calls and send voice/text messages with any network.

Automatically switch from video to voice calls to ensure high quality when the connection is unstable.

High quality video calling technology guarantees a good time between you & your friends.

Connect with the world easily

Easy registration. Simple UI. Clear features. ChatGame has it all.

Automatically import your mobile contacts to find your friends easily.

Mark your favorite friends as starred to find them fast.

Mark your favorite conversation as sticky on top to read it any time.

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