Dr.ScreamZ Stress Releaser4Fun

Dr.ScreamZ Stress Releaser Simulator for Fun.

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Platform: Android™
Version: 1.7
Price: Free download!

Dr.ScreamZ Stress Releaser Simulator is a game for fun.

It's easy:

First Dr. ScreamZ guess (randomly) the stress level, that can be manually changed (from 1 to 10).

Then app lets you scream until stress level is relieved.

You can shout at Dr. ScreamZ as much as you want, a lot more safe than to shout at other people! :)



Scientific evidences show that a scream can help stress relief, but Dr. ScreamZ is just a game with no medical intent and or scientific base, it's just a tool to have fun alone or with friends.

Also, avoid to scream in a public area or close to other person, and, also important, don't do it if you have medical problems!

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