Zanzibar's Birthday — a funny interactive family storybook series for learning to read English (#3 in the Heckerty Story Series)

Meet our award-winning friend Heckerty — a 409 year old green-faced witch, hilarious and with a heart of gold.

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Platform: Apple
Version: 2.0.5
Price: £1.99

Do you think learning can be funny? Would you like to laugh while you learn English? Meet our award-winning friend Heckerty — a 409 year old green-faced witch, hilarious and with a heart of gold.

From the creators of the award-winning "Meet Heckerty" - Zanzibar's Birthday is the third app in the Heckerty series. The superb narration and interactive animations are ideal for children 3-8 years old, as well as anyone learning English.

Our kind and gentle Heckerty learns that her cat Zanzibar is unhappy because she hasn’t planned a birthday party for him. So Heckerty decides to make him the best 5th birthday in the world, but as usual, her enthusiasm overtakes her abilities. When her magic doesn’t work, the talented Caterina steps in and soon Zanzibar is enjoying a wonderful party with many new friends.

As kids laugh their way through Heckerty and Zanzibar's zany adventures and their magical interactive animations, they discover important life values — caring, friendship, tenacity and loyalty. 

Everyone loves Heckerty and as you watch your child improve their reading and vocabulary while laughing with Heckerty, you will, too! So download “Zanzibar's Birthday” now and discover just how magical a child’s story can be!


• Superb narration by famous British broadcaster; created by one of England’s most acclaimed storytellers, all in beautiful gentle English storytelling style
• Ideal for kids and adults to improve English reading & vocabulary — to be read out loud or as a bedtime story. Perfect for ESL (English as a second language) and children on the autism spectrum.
• Rich, entertaining, interactive animations and graphics. Kids enjoy the storytelling, learning words and spelling as they play, and discovering values like diversity, inclusiveness and caring at the same time.
• Designed for children alone or with an adult (choose between the "Read and Play" and "Storyteller" options).
• 3-Minute Tour and Parent/Teacher Guide for new users
• Innovative coloring book - "save 'n share"TM images easily with friends and family.
• French, German, Spanish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese interface with optional Language Helper
• COPPA support.
• Advertising-free.
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